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Talking Classy? ME?

Originally Posted by MercedMike
I smiled very politely, and said to the parents, "Is your son enjoying his cruise? He looks like a nice polite boy."

Then the door opened and we got out ...
What a classy way of handling that. I fear I would have been less generous to the boy.
ROFL. I was a Middle School teacher for many years. I know the adolescent psychology If I had ripped into the boy, or even quietly reported to his parents that he was riding the elevators uncontrolled and insulting people, he would have had a million denials and excuses, and chances are that his parents would have believed him and put me in the category of "busybody" (funny how it ties into the other discussion ...)

But by making him squirm and leaving him to wonder what I meant and how much I might have told his parents otherwise ... I probably provided him a sleepless night and maybe, just maybe, a chance to think it over!

I was not trying to be "classy" (although thank you for the thought) I was trying to give him a really bad time!

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