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Morning from a partly sunny, 53 degrees here in Ohio. We are soon to lose our two girls; one has a friend's party and the other has a wedding. Probably won't see either again until next year!!!!! hee-hee

DH and I may get pizza early and be back at the house to watch our new pup and older dog get use to each other. Holly (the pup) wants to play, but is a little shy of the bigger, and not extremely happy, Mia. Mia barks and Holly runs to find cover! So far, though, no full-out fights so that is good. Mia has attempted to play but is not sure what to do with the little Holly. (Mia is an Australian Shepherd (40 #) and Holly is a Miniature Australian Shepherd pup
(maybe 5 #).).

Not much else at the moment. I hope to try out my other Christmas present, a cricut, later today. DD2 is bugging me to try it, so she can play with it, too!

Trip, sorry about your friend. We have been through this with my DH's sister-in-law. It will be a long road; she will be in our prayers.

Aerogirl, we usually take a drive during the holidays to see the lights, but we did not get to it this year. Oh well, guess there is always next year! A lot of decorations are already down and put away already, including mine!

Well, to everyone at CM, have a Happy, Safe, Wonderful New Year!
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