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Originally Posted by Wando View Post
I assume you ate breakfast or lunch onboard, so you did receive service. The tip for dining covers the service you receive the entire day, not just dinner. Plus the $12 per day includes the tip for your room steward.
Exactly my point 2 bucks for breakfast buffet busboys per person, 2 bucks for lunch buffet busboys per person, 3 bucks for room steward per day per person, out of the 12 bucks prepaid per day that leaves 5 bucks left over for dinner which I did not go to for the last three nights, multiply times two people and that means the cruiseline should have gave the room service guy 30 bucks to deliver our meal. Cruiseline issue not mine, cruisline made me prepay and I did pay for the service I wll not pay twice.
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