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I was about to say I must be the "odd one out" until I read that Trip also has never had a massage. To be perfectly honest, I couldnt think of anything worse! Just absolutely hate the idea of all the stuff they do to you in those spas! Mud on the face, fruit stuck in your eyes instead of in your drink, bloody lumps of hot rock stuck on your thanks! :???: So I am pretty sure I will never spend anytime in a Seabourn spa! I am also just as sure I will never spend any time in a Seabourn gym!! I have sailed ummmmm about 170 days and have NEVER even peeped inside the gym! Hubby did once.....took the luggage to get weighed.....

I LOVE sea days.....these are the best part of our cruises. This is when we can really relax and do almost nothing! We love it when we have 4 or 5 sea days in a row....doesnt happen very often.
We never sleep late, but have a long leisurely breakfast in the Dining room.....we may go to a lecture or cooking demo etc....or just visit the library and grab another book...sometimes we play trivia....sometimes not. By then its time for lunch....then usually back to the suite to read and snooze...sometimes we manage to fit in afternoon tea, (the bread pudding is very good). Some days we might spend the afternoon in the Observation Lounge, hubby reads and snoozes and I might sew or knit or use my computer to write my blog...then it must be about time for a bubble bath before getting ready for dinner! Dinner is again usually long and leisurely and quite often we are still there at 10pm....
For us, the more sea days the better! I have just counted up how many sea days we have on our next cruise....27!! Then we also have a few places we go to more than once, so some of those we will just stay on the ship and treat as a "sea day" too......cant wait!
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