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Hello, I can give you some tips for the teen club.
*Start talking to as many people as you possible can the first night. Remember you are both on a cruise so ask where they are from, if it is their first cruise. (If they've been on one! You now have a nice icebreaker conversation! If it is there first ask them what they think of it and so on)
*Once you find a group you enjoy hanging out with, always establish times and places to meet up onboard because the ship is huge and you may never run into them coincidentally again.
*Make sure you get a group photo and contact information (the contact information is a no-brainer, but believe me you will regret it if you don't get a photo of your new friends) and yes, be prepared to say goodbye to them knowing you may well never see them in person again.
*Always stay in touch even after everyone goes their seperate ways after debarkation, and try to plan a reunion if possible. (I've been in the teen club three times before I unfortunately hit the dreaded 18 this year and have yet to see anyone from those three times again, but I never give up hope.)

Hope this helps and enjoy your cruise!
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