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i was on a full charter smooth jazz cruise last year on the Celebrity Century, when the regular ship's musicians were not onboard. the promoter reached out to the rest of the crew who played jazz and allowed a few to sit in with the world class jazz musicians on the nightly midnight jam night, our cabin steward who played trumpet, was able to sit in with trumpet player Greg Adams (founding member of LTD during the 1970's) the very back of the room , there must have been over 100 of our cabin steward's fellow crew members who gave their co-worker a standing ovation..for the rest of the cruise the guests treated our cabin steward as a superstar...he was on his job the very next morning as if nothing had happen..i had taken some pictures of his performance, had them developed and ask our cabin steward for his autograph and then put the pictures on our cabin door along with a big star...he was so proud...the paid professional music staff are not the only great musicians onboard on any given cruise
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