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Originally Posted by Snoozeman View Post
You are correct. I saw a very well dressed distinquished gentleman cancel his VoS cruise for latter this spring. I visited with him several times during the week, they lost a very good customer in him.
I think that in the end they risk losing a lot more customers if they allow people to bring their own liquor onboard. When I'm onboard I often visit bars for bear or drinks but I am not interested to be on cruises with too much booze.
On the other hand I can live with that on the large "cruise ferries" between Sweden and Finland (for just two nights). Oh yes, there you can talk about booze.... Hope it will never be the same on the cruises.

I can agree that Voyager is still in good condition! I sailed her in the Med in October and even if it's possible to see some wear and tear I think that in general she looked very good for her age.

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