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Originally Posted by Phil&Liz View Post
I hope we get this perk on Glory and Magic this year.

We do tend to spend a good deal of time in the casino.
We have had remarkable luck in the casino overall.
Last cruise I won $1k !! Paid for the trip !

Getting to the 1500 mark....I wonder if it solely based on amount played or if it factors in MAX betting and the higher payouts etc.

When we hit the number do we go to the cage to get the perk or is it automatic somehow?
I hope it will be on Magic. Right now I think it is only a test on about 3 ships.

I think it is 1500 points anyway you can. I'm lucky if I can get to 1000 in a week and that gets me a whopping $10 payback. With the extra incentive and a little luck, I might try betting max once (if?) I get ahead.
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