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Originally Posted by radiofreebc View Post
This is a joke, right? I'm sorry, but you actually think terrorists are after you? Do you know that there are less than 2000 actual "terrorists" in the entire world? Al Qaeda was created by the CIA (mujahadeen), and Osama Bin Laden is actually Tim Osman...a CIA asset, used as a patsy in the 9/11 attack. His father was actually in a meeting with George Bush Sr. during the attack. Usually terrorists claim their crimes...Bin Laden denied ANY involvement...unless you call that faked tape they found proof. Look at's not even him! I know all arabs look alike to some people, but look closer this time.

If you want proof (and this might blow your mind), look at his FBI wanted you see 9/11 mentioned at all on it? Why not? Because they don't actually think he did it. He's just the person the media uses to push the agenda (against you) these days. Does the TSA security "theatre" really protect us? No. Go's the link to his wanted poster. FBI USAMA BIN LADEN

I'm sorry, I know this is a rant, and it sounds Un-American, but it's not. I love the states, and the people...but terrorists don't want to destroy the USA...unless you're talking about the major banks, corporations and globalists who want a one-world government, global currency, and free-trade. They're the true terrorists and the enemy...not radical islamics (which, honestly, number less than 2000 people globally). The statistics don't lie. More people died from drowning in their sink last year than from terrorism. The bailouts were financial terrorism

I live in BC...that "problem" you're talking about isn't nearly as big as the media claims it is. It's the media's job to keep us scared, docile and buying products...not to be informing us. It's not nearly what you think it is, but you're just watching the news...and the news lies. I was an editor for a television news station for 2 years, and I quit when I was asked to add sound effects to carpet bombing footage to make it seem more than it was.

If you'd like some real news, I can help you find some great sources. If you'd like to continue believing the propaganda the corporate media feeds you, just turn Fox or CNN back up. It's not reality. It's crisis, packaged to keep you glued to your set, and afraid of your neighbours.

I hope you don't think I'm anti-American. I'm not. I love your country, but fear that it's going down a path that leads to ruin...unless you all work to stop it. You're the only ones who can. Look at what's happening in Europe and northern Africa. People are rising up. When will you?
That is really a good insight to the whole terrorism tale and what not. I guess it makes sense that all these terrorism thing are blown off proportion ( No pun intended )

Where in BC are you at? I am from the lower mainland.
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