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Default Re: Oh Captain, My Captain

AR ...

We usually agree on most things, but this time? Not. The ship is not "overcrowded", it's simply full to the max.

Now, that just may be "overcrowded" by some people's lights, but it's exactly what anyone travelling during the Christmas week should expect or have been told to expect by their TA.

To me, accosting the Captain during his dinner about ship's business is about the same as meeting a physician at a cocktail party and rolling up your pant leg and saying, "Do you think this is a melanoma?"

Or, meeting a lawyer at the same cocktail party and asking about deed restriction problems in your neighborhood.

Arguably, the Captain should probably have said, "Talk to the Staff Captain/Hotel Manager/Maitre d' tomorrow and tell them I sent you," rather than blowing it off. If, in fact, that's what happened. But the person should never have intruded on a social event about a business question.

We only have one version here, and that should be remembered.

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