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I'm hearing what some are saying above, but what confuses me is why some people that work in the cruise industry would come onto a gripes board that is a vehicle for complaining about the cruise experience and expect sympathy when they are actually moaning about us, not the line, not the wages, not the tipping policy?

In my opinion, a lot, but not all, of cruise, hotel and restaurant staff have changed tact on customer approach in recent years and some can appear really in your face when dealing.

To me, thatís because they donít know what working in service actually means or how to do it properly,, they think its slavery or you as the passenger / paying customer are actually beneath them and at this moment in time they are actually doing you a favour, so you should be grateful ,,,,,mmmm.

My opinions are Platitudes Rob, well if that how you see it fine "seemingly profound statements that a certain person views as unoriginal or shallow". If you base all on here on that your going to have a great time

PLUS, donít give me, I do the job because of necessity, because necessity means you are just there for the money, not what you can give, not what you can offer to the passenger experience. Itís a job that demands customer service for all they are and what you get back from them, if you canít do that then you are in the wrong job because others can do it right, met them experienced them.

COULD I DO THE JOB, NO as my nature would not allow me to do it, so I find another job that is more suited to me and my character and more suited to the people that I may have to deal with on a daily basis.

Do I feel all ship staff are treated fairly both by the employer and the passengers, NO.

Do I feel that some staff are actually along for the ride and the bucks they can make for little effort in service, YES

Do the ones that know how to play the true service game make good money and have an easier life and a career in the industry, YES

And can I ask you and your mate a question? When I turn up on a ship for my vacation do the crew consider how hard I worked to be there and the sort of crap I've had to go through to make my money to be there,,no I'll bet.

Wonder what some crew are like when off ship and now being a customer,,mmm

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