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Originally Posted by limeyiam View Post
I have just booked my first cruise and am very excited, my husband has served 24 years in the US Air Force and is retiring this July, so his gift to his family is a cruise, he is a non-smoker and I am a smoker, so we saved hard so we could have a suite with a balcony so I have somewhere to smoke, we did this so we had the best of both, he has his smoke free room and I get to enjoy smoking on the balcony, now I am worried I will be next to someone who is going to complain and make things uncomfortable for me. I do sympathize with non-smokers, my hope is by me posting this it will let people see a different side, from a smoker. I want everyone to enjoy their Cruise.
We are also travelling with 2 teenage children who have an inside room opposite us, so they are not around my smoke.

I am not a smoker, but my sisters are and have found that technology has FINALLY given them something they can use.

Njoy510 or the NjoyEgo

1. Electronic cigarettes run about $2 a pack (as opposed to the $5 a pack my sisters were paying)
2. They ONLY get the nicotine and no tar or other 3,000 toxins.
3. They can smoke them virutually anywhere.
4. Uncle Sam isn't making money off them anymore.

They said it took them about a week to get use to them AND (supposedly this is key) the battery must be fully charged.

They both got them to simply have an alternative when "analog" cigarettes were not allowed.....and now they don't even smoke "analog" anymore.

I can not speak to any other digital cigarettes since this is the only brands they have tried....

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

Hubby ... DIAMOND (every ship except the Carnivale)
Me ... DIAMOND (every ship starting with the Tropicale)
20 year old son ... DIAMOND (every ship starting with the Tropicale...he is the only DOUBLE Milestone under the age of 21)
24 year old son ... DIAMOND