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Originally Posted by anniegb View Post
Is it just me, but a lot of the posts on formal night dress talk about what men 'have' to wear - I feel sorry for you guys - and believe me I don't say that very often. DJs/Tuxes/Sports Jackets etc

I do not think a man has to wear a tie - I certainly would not want to wear one! The last time I wore a tie was when I was at school and hated every minute of it.

Dress codes are slanted towards what men are asked to wear, & yes it is one example where this is the case. A lady could just wear a pair of smart black trousers & a sparkly top on any code...It would make life easier though, cruises from Southampton we have about 5 cases, one just shoes, she must have taken 10 dresses on Azura.
PS.. wearing a tie isn't a problem if your shirt collar is the right size they are not tight.

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