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Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
I totally disagree. If the ship isn't going to enforce their own rules then they are basically saying the dress code is a guideline. If you consistently ignore rule breakers, disobedient dressers or whatever you want to call it, then you're condoning it by your lack of action.

And I know you're going to respond all about "Respect" but as long as your neat and tidy, the cruise line seems to think you're just fine and I'd be willing to bet if you phoned Celebrity, Princess, Carnival, HAL most of the mainstream lines and said, I want to sail your ship but I don't own a tux or a suit they say, don't worry, come along and give us your $$$ anyway and wear a trousers and a shirt.
The last post was more directed at someone else, ''Krunch''.
What I think & have said is I would like to see cruiselines upholding the codes or just forgetting them altogether, a rule that is ignored is not a rule it's a nonsense. I don't much care what the code is, just go with the flow, but if there is a code I stick to it (except Azura I thought semi formal was a mistake)
Having cruised on P&O, Cunard & Celebrity those who don't stick to the code are very few, except on Azura on Semi-formal night, when about (total guess) 500 men did not wear a jacket. I did not go in public areas & stayed in the cabin, 499 took no notice & nothing much happened, a couple were asked to leave one bar was about all.
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