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Default Passenger is not the winner

Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
There was good policing on our Azura cruise, about 11 people were allegedly kicked off the ship. So if there are witnesses to the interview with a passenger & they still lie surely the boss sides with you? If the passengers are that badly behaved who cares if they are lost as customers? If they are that bad do cruise lines communicate about them?
From what I have read across NA and UK boards in terms of passengers making a complaint rightly or wrongly is the Captain has the final authority (which by law he has as the master of the ship) to make a final decision.
With that power comes the ability to dump you and those in your cabin at the next port. The basis is that person (s) could cause further issues on the trip.
So, most of us law abiding passengers knowing this and not wanting to be stranded stay away from complaints unless our life or comfort has been violated.
In essence, if I do complain about the deck chairs and the crew member who is yelled at by the offending passenger might elect to make me the bad guy, no one will defend me.
All power rests with the crew so I find it interesting that senior officers are worried about those who yell the loudest, might it have to do with the passenger being some perceived prestige person vs. rest of us
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