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Default Violence in Mexico

We have some retired friends who've lived in Mazatlan Mexico as expats for over 5 years...two weeks ago while walking down the street they ran right into a shoot-out. Everyone was ducking for cover. They later learned it was drug related and six people were killed and several by-standers were seriously injured. They also emailed me that there has been a big jump in violent crime, which is unusual...because up to this point most of the crime was what we would consider petty. We've visited Mazatlan many many times and have never felt threaten or nervous. But now the social/economic climate is very very different.
Our friends warned us that right now tourist are considered potential targets rather than potential customers. They wanted us to know what is going on so we could decide if we still intended to visit them the week of February 19th.
We were still considering it until yesterday...when.....

when yesterday, January 28th, I read in USA Today an article titled, 'Crime forces cruise lines to cancel stops in Mazatlan'. HAL, Princess and Disney have canceled all future port stops at Mazatlan. Of course RCL and Celebrity had already pulled out for other reasons I'm sure. But this latest lost is really going to impact the already fragile economic balance in that very poor city. I feel bad for the innocent venders who depend on the tourist trade. But from what my friends in Mazatlan say, it's not only not safe for tourist, but even for those who live there! We canceled our scheduled Mexican Rivera cruise which was scheduled to leave on Feb. 19th.

BTW: These cruiselines said they will be spending more time in Cabo...
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