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Since the Dream just came out and I had my first experiences with Disney I also have started watching prices.

There was a brief sale that I reported on immediately when it came out - the same week Disney Fantasy went on sale. The best prices only lasted about a week, and most sail dates were in 2012.

It looks to me like Disney cruises book much farther out than most cruise lines - one to two years. It looks to me like you probably want to book at least a year out to get the best prices.

Also - on the older the inside cabins are the best priced by far, but on the new ships they are in higher demand just because of the virtual portholes.

now - if anyone now goes and tries it and finds differently, please come back and give us updated information. This can change at any time.

Disney is having a few ininerary issues right now , having to cancel both Mazatlan and Tunisia in about the same week.

Mike - if grandpa wants to take the kids and needs a balcony I suggest you look into the balconies that hold four people. I am pretty sure the kids get a discounted price. There are even staterooms that hold five.

I think it would be far cheaper than a separate cabin for the kids.
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