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I was interested in this question, opposite side of the coin. If we manage to make our first cruise on Allure in May '12 (AKA- a once in a lifetime thing for a single mom of three kids who will work together as a family, scrimp, save, mortgage the farm, and sell a kidney or two to do so) a reality, my daughters will be 18 1/2, but a very YOUNG 18. (The main reason we're doing this ship is that one DD is all about the characters!) I was concerned as to whether they'd be allowed in the teen areas. I want them to have fun, but I would hate it if they didn't because they were caught in that 'in-between' stage where they're not really kids anymore, but not fully adults either.

I can't really picture them just taking off on their own to the teen areas to mingle- they're not very independent and they're very shy. We're more likely to do almost everything together the whole time. Don't know whether I'm or about that!
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