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Default Similiar yet different

Originally Posted by beenie weenie View Post
Here where we are, it has thus far been overblown with respect to overall volume of snow etc... We are probably a bit of an anomaly though because we have been right on the border edge of where the ice turns to snow and what we've gotten is pretty much a ton of sleet like ice crystals that is not like freezing rain that seems to cling to power lines and tree branches. This stuff just falls to the ground like snow, but is very dense and heavy, not fluffy and airy like snow. When you go outside and walk, you walk on top of it, your feet don't sink into it like snow. The winds is howling and the windchill is awful.
It isn't over yet and could still pack one heck of a punch. I am hoping it poops out soon. lol

Beenie:we have the same precipitation but it is also clinging to power lines and tree branches .
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