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Default Aboard Oceania Marina

Aboard Oceania Marina!!!

I am onboard Marina and I have to say it is a beautiful ship. It is not stark like so many up-market, deluxe or luxury ships. To be clear, on the TV greet loop I have running in my room CEP Frank Del Rio does refer to this as a “five-star luxury cruise experience.”

This ship is actually very much a blown up version if the existing Oceania ships, however every room is more opulent, spacious and grander. There are additional restaurants, public rooms and a state of the showroom. The pool space has plenty of deck chairs including plush queen size chaise lounges.

But even better, there are many coffee and wine bars around, the public spaces are all perfectly set, like a showroom house. There are art noveau chairs, flowing drapes, hard woods, marble and granite.

We see the same restaurants; Toscana, Polo Grill, Terrace Café, but on this ship they are much, much bigger and more opulent. Beautiful surroundings and table settings set the mood the perfect meal.

We also see the brand new “Jacques,” which is much lighter and brighter than we ever expected. It is reminiscent of the yellow room in home of Monet in France; bright and invigorating with absolutely nothing staid about it.

Yes, I do have pictures but I am just waiting for a better Internet connection before I send them.

There is a game room, a huge Internet café, a library and a coffee bar, all set together in a single area to make a fun section of the ship where I could easily spend all day.

The shopping area and casino are bright and obviously luxurious, made for the well-healed to have a little fun.

My stateroom is roomy, especially the bathroom. The room is simply a largish veranda stateroom, with a king-size bed, a seating area, a writing desk and best of all, a bathroom with a large tub as well as a separate shower. The counter is granite and there is plenty of storage space. The desk has two U.S. plugs for computer, etc as well as one European one.

Most of the wood is dark wood, like mahogany, throughout the ship. I suspect this was a difficult choice for the cruise line. It feels a little dated (and is certainly the only thing on the entire ship that does) exactly as it does on the smaller Oceania ships. I guess it is a trademark now. I can get used to it, no problem.

I have not had a chance to try the food, but I am anticipating something truly special, especially my dinner in Jacques coming on the last night I am here.
Later on today we have the naming ceremony with Mary Hart. I am sure I will have a better Internet connection soon and will be able to bring you the pictures I have already taken.
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