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My Mom and I were on Front Page Challenge a "sort" of game type show that aired back in the 50's in Canada. The panel had to figure out what was so special about my birth. Gordon Sinclair a famous radio personality was on the panel and he guessed that I was born in a canoe on Lake Ontario.... I remember standing beside my Mom(she was sitting in a chair) and I was standing there fidgiting with this little fancy hanky my Grandma INSISTED I pin to my skirt.

He was wrong as were the rest of the panelists and we stumped them and won a BIG $50.00.......that was a lot back in 1958.

The answer was I stopped the "Royal Procession" with the then Princess Elizabeth who later became Queen Elizabeth. My Mom went into labour and they were having a parade in downtown Toronto, the police had to stop the "Royal Procession" so my Mom could get to the hospital to have me..and go figure it was the 13th of the month

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