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Default Re: Cape Horn on Celebrity

My husband and I made the cruise from B.A. to Valparaiso last January on the Mercury. We're still talking about it. We were well prepared with layers of clothing, hats & gloves. We lucked out in Ushuaia and got what they called "a perfect summer day." That means it was partly sunny and in the mid 50's. We loved all the ports...I especially loved Port Stanley in the Falklands...although the weather there was nasty! We had our roughest sea day just after Cape Horn...there were 20 foot swells and 80 mile per hour winds. We loved it! We "hearty sailors" stayed up on the 12th deck with the wrap-around windows and enjoyed the thrill. We took nothing for seasickness but ginger capsules, and were fine. Folks who were not so fine were able to get something from the ship's doctor that seemed to work exceptionally well. I hope things in Argentina calm down...we spent 3 days in B.A. and just loved the city. It makes me sad to think of it in such upheaval. That goes for the other Argentina ports as well. It's a cruise of a life time, and I hope you have as good a time as we had. Let us know!
Jane & Dick Israel
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