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Good morning everyone:

It's new bed day at my house. After five years of sleeping on the worst bed I have ever had a new Select Comfort, Select Fit, bed is being delivered. The old "Original Torture Factory" bed was a piece of crap and after two years of hassling with them I received a "pro-rated" refund on it. The new bed is a Sleep number bed and it's also adjustable like a king size hospital bed with each side independently adjustable. We are renaming our bedroom the "Geriatric Ward". I think I'll bring in a hot plate and mini-fridge and never have to leave the bedroom.

Also on the agenda is a trip to the eye doctor to get my eye pressure checked and see if I'm blind yet from the glaucoma. I can see what I'm typing so I'm not quite there yet. :o

Otherwise it's another clear and nippy day at -14F. The talking heads on TV said that we could be pushing +40F by Monday, so things are getting warmer. The sides of my driveway look like Donna's path.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and get out and enjoy the day.

Take care,
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