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Obviously the first priority was for you to get the clients in Egypt out; no question about it.

What concerned me was the pitch (I have to call it that) that Viking was relying on your ground operators and, in fact, had just had a group arrive in Cairo that day, etc., etc.

While these sort of incidents are rare, it is important to place safety first and to provide people with information in a timely fashion. Honestly, if I had not been such an advocate for my clients I am sure they would have flown from their home (most certainly not the US) and had a world of visa issues (as their transit visas would have been invalidated) and a huge unrecoverable expense. (In other words, I told them to forget the cruise as their safety came first and that I would later deal with the financial issues.)

It sounds like lessons have been learned and I thank you for explaining the situation for all to see. (Now, if you had sent personal a letter to my clients...)

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