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I haven't been on the Allure yet so my opinion is based on observation and speaking to those who have. I will have my opinion at the end of the month. Now, from those I have talked to who have sailed Oasis class (mostly my clients) they enjoyed their cruise, they found the ships fasinating - but they will not sail them a second time.

Which leads me to say I'm am so glad they have gone to a "smaller" ship for their newbuild. The singles rooms are ideal. I believe they have learned from NCL and probably their own research, there is a vast untapped segment of the population out there that are singles and would cruise - but are not willing to be penalized for not having a partner. And I agree.........they want more passengers - they need more passengers - this is definitely the way to go.

As for the newbuild, I do hope it's more in line with the Radiance class. That's my favourite style of ship. I also hope there is more adult oriented areas where children can't go.........I don't hate kids I just don't want to be constantly tripping over the little darlin's.

I also believe the last 2 Soviergn class will be moved to Pulmatar. Don't forget the Vision for example, was built in 1998 and have never had a refurb. There is no CL no extra dining - nothing. How long will they hold onto that one and the Legend?

Whichever way this goes, I always wonder if RCL is getting themselves into a big financial bind. The economy isn't back yet - certainly not in the U.S. They haven't finished paying for the Oasis class and now they are committing to more?
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