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My wife loved Oasis and would go back in a heartbeat. I also like the ships a lot and would go back - when the prices drop.

Now - what about the Project Sunshine class? That NAME says to me they are going to coninue with the split stateroom designs - but the keyword they keep bandying about is "efficiency" so I predict they will combine Central Park and the Boardwalk, and make it mostly a boardwalk. Central Park is NOT efficient - as a use of space.

I also predict the Royal Promenade will go back to two decks - three is too much. It is beautiful on Oasis, but they didnt really gain that much by making it three decks tall.

I also predict "serenity" adult areas - because more crowding makes it more profitable to sell "exclusivity," I also predict far more spa cabins, because it is a way to upsell without offering that much more (look at what they are doing with the new Celebrity ships).

There will be a big exclusive singles area with small cabins and a private lounge.

I think they will isolate the kids even more, too, because adults don't want to see a bunch of them all over the ship.

I know what they will keep:

rock climbing,
miniature golf
Sambas grill
Ritas Cantina
ice rink

Another guess - that they move the Royal promenade a few decks higher and put balcony cabins below it.

Have you seen how low balcony cabins are getting? Look at this pic of Carnival Fascination I just took ...

(I know its Carnival. but the point is that they are now doing it).

So, I predict balcony cabins below the Royal Promenade, a smaller 2-deck Royal Promenade, and a larger Boardwalk with no Central Park.
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