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First off... I don't care if it's Seabourn or a budget line, I ALWAYS recommend people use trained travel agent professionals. It truly is the easiest step to take to ensure your booking experience goes smoothly.

That said, a lux line like Seabourn, whether in the midst of changing locations or not, should be capable of dealing with servicing their clientele through problems in the booking process, if they allow passengers to book directly.

Customer relations departments at other cruise lines are known to be pretty awkward, and often supply information. I'd argue, at the Seabourn price points, one does have a right to expect better from Seabourn.

Turmoil of the move, and personel changes is an easy excuse, and from my few experiences with Seabourn, at least onboard they don't look for excuses, they simply find remedies. The same should be said of their CR dept.

It was very kind of you to offer to step in to assist... whatever the OP's issues might be.
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