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Originally Posted by CruzNut View Post
Paul with her shying away ... try approaching her by putting your palm up UNDER her chin (it's the way to greet any dog so they don't think you're going to hit them).

She's cute - but not quite as cute as my AKC champion Bichon Frise, Muffy. At least her grandfather and father were award winners and she won first prize at our local dog show. She's my avatar.
Muffy looks like my sister-in-laws dog who is a Bichon , about four years old and he is called BJ, not my choice.
We are looking after him for the month while they vacation. He was treated badly by children prior so we tell our grandchildren not to get in his face but he is a sweet dog.
Only thing I have issues with the barking for no reason at all that can ocurr and when I walk him, sometimes dead stops on me just as we get about 1/2 block and looks at me , as if saying, pick me up or not moving. I just look at him, pat his bum to move foward and off he trots in a fast manner. I do not think they trained him a lot but he will adjust while on vacation in our house.
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