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Would it take another war? Hardly. Actually, Mean Dean made a very valid point. It's a shame we have no heavy cruiser with 8" rifles or battleships with 16" rifles anymore even though they are admittedly obsolete. On something such as this they'd come in very handy indeed.

We know where most of the pirates congregate. There is also a carrier in the area. Only the Navy knows how many subs armed with cruise missiles are either in or may be deployed to the area, not to mention missile cruisers and destroyers.

Our Navy is not overtaxed as are our ground troops and there is no real reason to put any "boots on the ground" except maybe to try and rescue at least some of the 300 or so hostages being held. Admittedly and sadly, most may well be killed. There are diplomats and learned folk with significant experience in this situation who still say, this is not what the pirates want, they only want money. To my way of thinking, that changed today.

The alternative however really is to just let this continue and in my hpo, that is not a viable option. Maybe the shipping magnets want to go ahead and pay the ransoms but the shipping magnets aren't crewing those ships. Negotiate? They tried that for three years with Hitler and we all know what the result of those efforts were. These guys have amply demonstrated they want to play hardball. Okay, lets play hardball. Among other things the Naval Air accompanied by destroyers and cruisers could sink every vessel of any significant size from a dow up. For gosh sakes, we sunk what amounts to the entire Japanese merchant marine AND Imperial Japanese Navy (one of the largest in the world at the time) most often with air power (with some very notable heavy gun engagements among warships excepted) in less than three years and that was in 42-45. With today's technology to do the same thing to Ethiopia that has comparatively nothing, even though it has one of if not the longest coastline in the world would not amount to much more than gunnery practice! I'm not talking about killing thousands and thousands of people, and I'm not even beginning to suggest we invade. I'm talking about taking away their seagoing transportation and destroying what ports they have

I do hope that people now understand that these aren't the really, "not bad kids who only take up this type of work so they can make a living" claim as has oft been espoused through TV interviews. These are cold blooded killers and I don't care if they're aged sixteen, twenty or fifty. The "Oh we're not bad people and we don't want to hurt anybody but we need to eat" claim from the street is horse manure. Tell that to those four missionaires who were cut down for no reason. Ethiopia has actually devolved into nothing more than a large area of land where the guy with the biggest stick in his neighborhood controls it. Hell it doesn't even have a real government!

When many of the Nazi death camps were overrun and the guards surrendered, the Allied soldiers of various nationalities were so incensed that they just started gunning them down where they found them, those that the prisoners didn't get to first. It's a wonder any of those inhuman (insert whatever expletive you wish if you wish, here) made it to the gallows. Is that right? I can't answer that question because I wasn't there but what I shall say is that I've had this discussion in my 63 years people both combat veterans and Jewish prisoners who were, simply because it involved my area of study. None of those with whom I've had that discussion and we're talking maybe about maybe thirty or forty people, I repeat NONE OF THEM appeared to have expressed much of a problem at all with it.

I as does everyone else has no idea what action if any will be taken. As a matter of fact I think it's safe to say even the government does not yet know. I'm only saying that in my opinion action and significant action at that, should be employed. What or how that could occur the guys with the stars on their shoulder boards are competent to make those decisions.

This is of course merely my personal opinion and if anyone has issue with it, I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with that. This is an open forum and I believe this issue should be cogently discussed, wherever you stand.

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