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Originally Posted by Wando View Post
Perhaps I'm not understanding your point, you buy insurance to cover unexpected events. I'm sure the OP (or anyone else that may have a similar situation) wouldn't know that a family member was going to pass away or if that family member would be covered under insurance when buying it. I suspect that most insurance policies would only cover immediate family and the only insurance that would cover something else would be the cancel for any reason insurance.

I can fully undertand why someone might contact NCL if their insurance didn't cover the situation (or if they didn't have insurance) on the off chance that they might be able to change the dates or get some kind of future credit. I don't see the harm in asking. It is a lot of money to just throw away without at least trying every avenue.
Yes, you missed it somewhat. Insurance is protection for the unexpected.. to be at least partially reimbursed for cancellation. He cancelled very short notice, too short for returning money of any sort from the cruiseline.. Even with insurance, they may not pay if it's not immediate family, most any policy won't. So, why should the cruiseline refund if it's something not covered?
I don't blame him for a shot in the dark.

As for him not coming back to check or make a post because he's tied up, maybe so, possible. But, he found time to find his way here and make post #1. Could be sitting back and reading our responses.
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