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Originally Posted by shipmate View Post
Yea, I usually just call our TA and tell her what cruise we want and I pick out the room ahead of time. All she does is book it and watches the prices for changes. But of all the cruises we've taken, we never received any price cuts or upgrades.

Not sure what I'm missing that others are getting from their TA.
Contrary to what agents may say they really have little to do with the upgrade process. If an agent tells you that they always get an upgrade for their clients they are lying. The inventory management systems move people around to get cabins they can sell, as the sail date approaches, in order for the ship to sale at full capacity. Also, if you book a specific cabin number your chances for an upgrade are slim.

I would also never rely solely on your agent to watch for price drops. I have someone I consider a "good" agent but she is very busy and does not have the time to check everyone's bookings to see if the prices drop. It's up to you to monitor price reductions and if you see one then call your agent and have them get the new rate for you.

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