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Default Long Duration Cruise Question

Hi Everyone,
I am new to the site and have only been on 2 cruises, each 7 days long. I have a question for those who have been on longer cruises, including world cruises, about medical attention on the ships. I know that all ships have at least one doctor and nurses to cover medical emergencies ect but is there medical staff member who are trained in orthopedics? I was wondering about those people who suffer any ankle sprain on the trip and still have 8 days left of their vacation, do they get any sort of rehabilitation to get them better for the rest of their cruise? Or those who are on a cruise that have pre-existing conditions, knee replacements, orthopedic surgery that might need to do their rehab. on the ship.
Would someone who is trained in that area of medicine (such as an athletic trainer) be helpful? On the longer duration cruises, that tend to have an older population vs the family population would someone who is trained to help with post-surgery rehab. and to develop exercise plans be something a cruiser would be interested in?
Any information and input would be greatly appreciated!
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