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Originally Posted by neotericisis View Post
My husband and I had the same dilemma but we just bit the bullet this weekend and got them expedited!! I was annoyed because we had to pay an extra $120 total because he couldn't make up his mind (I should have just went to get mines without him!) But, we paid the $170 each, and we will be covered for the next 10 years, so its well worth the investment!

What sucks is I already had a passport that expired years ago, but because I was under 16 when it was issued, I had to start completely all over and pay the full fee- boo!
Well, in Canada the passport is only issued for 5 years and with the six month rule of non expiry prior to a trip then it is only 4 1 /2 years.
Regardless, the cruise line is following the guidelines it currently knows to get you on board but you are solely responsible for all documentation by each port visited regardless if it is a closed loop trip.
As many have said, you cannot predict who will change the rules on you but what is a common agreement by all countries is that the PASSPORT is accepted as a valid identification and proof of citizenship.

Please , please , buy your passports
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