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I have yet to turn the tv on, and I dread to see the damage.

Got up to a house full of poo. Since the puppies attacked the cat food bag yesterday we bought them some puppy food. They are piglets. I left a big bowl out when I went to bed last night for their midnight snack. It was the first time I've not had to get up to feed them. Of course, there is poo everywhere. We are going to buy tick control and spread on the back yard today. We will be putting them out after it's sat a few days. In the meantime it's going to messy around here. Between scooping cat litter, cleaning up after puppies, and cleaning up after my dad, I'm feeling like my life is revolving around poo lately.

The dog and cats hate having the puppies here. They all walk on the furniture as much as possible. The cats also walk on counter, too. The dog would if she could. They hide out in back as much as possible. My bed is full of dog and cats all the time now. One of the cats has taken to sleeping on top of the fridge.

My cat Annabelle snuck into the litter box yesterday to do her business because I was close by. Poor baby had a shock when one of the puppies tried to climb in with her. She tried again a few hours later with the same puppy trying to climb in again. She was just massively offended then and hissed at him. He just looked at her and kept trying to climb in with her.

Hope everyone has a good day. RD, I hope the day passes quickly for you. Enjoy Cuba.
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