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I do see the MDR as a 'fine' restaurant, but I'm also somewhat uncomfortable because of the obvious class system that the cruiselines themselves use to place their employees. There's that whole race/ethnicity thing going on that I think is just a HORRIBLE practice.
You've touched on something that is sort of the topic of the blog I wrote for next week's blog entry.

I won't write the entire thing here... but suffice it to say the cruise lines are providing jobs that pay more for those employees of diverse nationalities than they could make in their native countries than even those who have what would be considered "better jobs".

It's really not possible to judge what is a "fair wage" by North American, or western European country's standards. You'd have to "cure" all the world's ills before that would be possible.

If a doctor in your native country is making $200/mnth, then making $1500 or $2000 /mnth is doing pretty good, even though the work is hard and the hours are long.

Read my blog next Wednesday for a more detailed explanation.
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