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Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
A few more things I posted elsewhere on this site, but forgot to add here:

Dress Code:
From what I had read on-line, I thought DH would be out-of-place if he didnt wear a tux. I saw less than 5 tuxes on formal night. Granted, we were the early seating, and it may have been more formal for the late seating. Most men had a on a light sport coat or light suit. In his dark (and well-tailored) suit, I thought DH was the best dressed guy in the MDR.

I also thought we were easily the best dressed family on the smart casual nights. In fact, our dress on the smart-casual nights was probably better than some on the formal nights.
I'm not looking to start a dress-code debate (AGAIN) just mentioning this for anyone who is considering HAL but afraid the ship might be too formal for them.

Funny, but we just returned from Noordam and paid close attention to dress on formal night. DH was among the about 55% (approx) of gents dressed in tux for formal night. On our December Maasdam cruise, I'd say it was more like 45% but Eurodam in October was probably 55% or more.

We were on a "watch" for an outbreak. Apparently, Eurodam has a perfect record, as do only 2 ships which sail from FLL. For the first 3 days, there were many alerts for hand-washing, and upon entering the lido, there was a steward there dispensing hand sanitizer to all who entered. Self-serve drink stations and self-serve buffet were also off limits. Everything was served by the staff. I spent the first few days watching my kids like a hawk and bathing them in hand sanitizer [or hand assitizer as my 3 yo calls it]


It is standard practice on all HAL ships to have no self-service in Lido and they call it Code Orange. It has made a huge difference in number of cases of Noro brought aboard and spread. By not allowing those with the virus to touch shared serving implements etc limits spread of Noro like Virus.
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