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Good Morning cruisemates! My winter long sojourn in Scottsdale is drawing to an end. For my last day here it's going to be a bit cloudy, but still headed to 85 degrees.

It's been an incredibly busy last week, and continues today, with a golf game this morning, a sunset cocktail party at a friends place, then dinner with my sister, brother in law, and other friends.

The few hours during the day when I'm home, in between outings, I've been busy cleaning the condo and getting it ready to shut down.

Mentally I'm not really ready to go home. I've had such a good time spending the winter here, and it doesn't help that when I get home I have a ton of "business matters" to deal with... like taxes

The good news is I'll be back here Apr. 18, for 6 six days, until I leave for my 14 night Crystal cruise. I'll be cruising solo as Mrs. Kuki is back to work, which will make that cruise different for me too.

She's gone be upset now, because I just learned I'll be in a Penthouse Suite, with a butler, on that cruise.
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