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I sense you're not looking for the 'get a consent letter' advice, but rather a few stories of experiences by single parent cruisers. Well... I'm not one yet. I am planning my first (and my three kids, twin dd 18 at sailing, and ds 11 at sailing) cruise on Allure, May 27, 2012. I have been a little curious about what it will be like with kids this age. We are planning this trip to celebrate my daughters graduating from high school, so the point is definitely family togetherness. (Which I'm sure we'll experience, with all four of us in an interior cabin!!) I picture us basically sticking together a lot, eating at the same times in the same places (although I know I will wake up early and take advantage of the peace and solitude on the walking track and the upper decks as the sun rises before going back to the room and waking them up for breakfast.) We will go to the same shows and stick close together in ports.

That said, however, I also look forward to some dancing and imbibing of 'mama drinks' in the wee hours, on my own, after I've gotten the offspring tucked into bed (or at least got them tucked into the cabin in front of the tv!) And I also look forward to maybe a few times dancing and people watching and enjoying the music in one or two of the clubs WITH my daughters! I think they are looking at this trip as a safe way to experience the whole club scene. What could be safer than having Mom doing some nerdy dance right behind you!?

When it comes to Little Man, my youngest rugrat, I hope that he will be able to go to a few of the many organized activities for kids, and that he will meet some kids his age to hang out with, but for the most part, we enjoy being together. Soon his big sisters will be out on their own and it will just be me and The Boy. We have to adjust to that.

So. Hope you enjoy travelling with your kiddo. I'm sure there will be plenty of organized, supervised activities to keep her occupied from time to time while you enjoy time to yourself, and there will be plenty of enjoyable things to do together when that is what you want to do!

Good luck!
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