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We have 51 cruises on many different lines. In alternative restaurants I'd rate Carnival's Steakhouse as the very best on the seas. But I'd barely bother to order a beef dish in their MDR.
In RCL's MDR, I wouldn't even try another beef dish.
But I can always find something enjoyable to eat. I have a wide ranging and adventurous palate.

I found Cunard food to be excellent, but that was one cruise.

HAL one cruise the food was good, not remarkable, another cruise, after 3 nights we never went to the MDR again as it was consistently BAD.

Princess, ALL of our Princess cruises have been longer cruises and Americans were in a definite minority. So the food was 'different' Some day we'll take a Princess Caribbean cruise filled with other Americans and then we'll have an idea of their food on American sailings.

Basically rating a cruiseline on the food of one cruise on one ship is probably making a mistake.

And while I'd never again order any beef dish on RCL, I've never gone hungry on them or any other cruise or line.

We ALWAYS dine locally while in port. Adds to the 'adventure.'
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