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Good morning everyone:

I was up bright and early this morning and felt that I needed to make up for my two days of sloth. I decided to finally remove the rock wall from around my well head. The dang thing was just more for me to trim around and after 20 years the rocks were starting to come loose. Well, I did it. However I now realize that I'm not as young or strong as I used to be. 150 lb. + rocks are not things I should be lifting, let alone carrying. My lower back is now paying for it. Duh!

Depending on how my back is doing, I'll wait until my son comes around later today and have him take me to the garden store and I'll get a few bags of top soil so I can fill in where the rock wall was. I will have to wait until the weather becomes more predictable and I can turn on the sprinklers. Then I'll throw some seed down and get rid of the black spot in the middle of the front yard.

I hope everyone is having a good Palm Sunday and that everyone has a wonderful week.

Take care,
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