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Default Give me a break

Folks, you could pick on anybody of any age span when on a cruise ship
so why the senior bit

Have you even been on a bus or train in some other countries in the world at 630am and expected quiet. Not in some countries, sun rises and so do people.

-Are you going to pick on the joggers as they run down the deck
-Are you wanting to stop the cabin service as the trolly moves down the hall or the silver clinks on the service plate, oh and the tap tap on the door.
- Then we have the deckchaors and sun beds being moved so we can relax when we arr finally up
- What would you do if we all opened our doors and yelled 'Good Morning America', or such
- At least Fred and Ethel are alive, why they are in different cabins is a differnt question, maybe he is normally out getting chores done and she is used to calling him for breakfast, play time maybe ?
- is my 630 your 530 or my 930, 5am perhaps, but at 630am the ship is on a final approach and hopefully the sun shines
- what about the earphones with music beside you in the buffet or sun bed
- and heaven forbid, we hear giggles and heavy OMG noises from next door at 630am , maybe the odd crashing sound of a bed to the wall..

Sounds good to me...

Life is too short , just have a good chuckle and remind yourself , at least someone is concerned about Fred and if you have a partner, then cuddle them and chuckle knowing as soon as the shops open you will buy those nifty ear plugs or suggest to Fred you will join hime for an early coffee. Might make a friend you know.
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