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1. Because its the beginning of the summer, there is a good chance that there will be kids your age on the cruise!! If you can't find any teens during the first hour or so after you board, don't worry!! Later that night, go to the teen club and there will be other teens there your age!!

2. I have only been on royal caribbean once but, they do have a get to know each other event that first night. When you board and after you are settled, go find the teen club and look at the schedule for a list of teen events.

3. Personally, I have never been on the explorer of the seas but if you want to get an idea, go on the royal caribbean website and go to you ship and look at pictures. If you have any more questions, you can call royal caribbean and ask them. I am sure that you will have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE on the cruise!

(I've been on three cruises and had lots of fun on each one!!)

Happy sailing!!
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