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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Kuki, glad you are settling in and enjoying Crystal; I will be looking forward to each of your reports.

As for passports, Regent collects them on all itineraries, too. Many trips, depending on countries visited, they will give you a copy of your passport or your passport back to get stamped and then returned to reception. It makes it a lot easier to clear customs when they hold the passports. However, even on itineraries like Caribbean or Alaska, they still collect the passports.
Marc.. OK,Regent does it do, but I don't follow your logic of why it is a good idea. Do they feel people aren't responsible to take them with them to clear customs and immigration?

It makes some sense on some itineraries, where customs officers from ports of call come onboard to place Visas in them, and that sort of thing.

The only "foreign port" on this sailing is Ensenada. And I don't think anyone is trying to smuggle themselves into Mexico at this time
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