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Evening at Sea - May 4 ‘11
Ken Venturi’s presentation and question and answer session, hosted by our golf pro, Shannon, was excellent once again.

I think what makes it so is that he speaks from the heart, with a genuine warmth, a nice sense of humor, and in whatever he days, or whatever story he tells he makes it obvious he’s a man of values. I think it sums him quite nicely when he says; “ golf is the only game in the world that you can call yourself for cheating”.

He recalled an incident when he was playing in a tournament, and was one shot off the lead; a day prior he’d played a ball based on a playing partners judgment, which half way through the round the next day he found was not correct. He withdrew from the tournament mid-round because he had signed an incorrect score card the day before. When he explained the reason to an official, the official said… “who would know?”. Ken Venturi’s answer was…he would!

I don’t think there is anyone who participated in Crystal’s golf package for this cruise who won’t really cherish the time they got to spend with Ken Venturi; getting golf tips on the course, listening to his stories, and simply spending time with a legend.

Golf is a traditional game built around a set of rules that some might view as silly etiquettes. It’s surprising how adhering to those same etiquettes in life leave you with such a good sense of values.

We turn our clocks forward tonight, so we lose an hour. Exiting the dining room at 10 P.M. tonight means it’s 11 P.M. The performer tonight was a ventriloquist, but I forget his was a pre-dinner show tonight (because of the time change), so I missed it. Come to think of it, I think I missed another presentation by the “memory enhancement” guy too. Think I need him to make a house call.

Tomorrow morning I have an interview with the Symphony’s Hotel Director Josef Matt, followed by an interview with golf pro Shannon Kneisler, so it's off to bed early tonight.

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