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I know I just posted but this subject has hit a nerve! Lets not just think about the photos being released as way to prove that this piece of crap is dead. But as a way to send a message to the world! I dont understand why this nation has gotten so soft everyone is so worried about what all the other nations will think.And heaven forbid we should upset the reliougus world!Why are we so concerned about what everyone else thinks?Have we become so soft and forgetfiul ?Do we have to try and make the whole world love us? Because they dont Do you think that on 9/11 the whole world felt for the U.S.A or do you think some relious groups and some people in other countries might of had a liitle smile on their faces that morning?Show the picture for those of us who want to look will look.There are other reasons to want to see this piece of human waste dead then just to prove he is dead! And lets not ever forget what happened on the morning of 9/11 when over 3000 AMERICANS let for work that morning and never made it home!
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