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Exclamation Enforcement

Originally Posted by RichC View Post
Well I guess you'll be seeing the trucks slowing down to the posted limit before you'll see Princess enforce any dress limitations.
The way Princess enforces their dress code is just fine by me.....dress up for your own enjoyment or dress casually since they realize your on vacation. People who dress down take nothing away from those that do.
When the day arrives that they serve the same food at the buffet is when I'll stop going to the dining room in the formal evenings but in the mean time maybe a more formal cruise line like Cunard would be better suitable for a formal dining experience.
Yep, being on the freeway driving at the legal limit and having a big old truck tailgating me is another thing that annoys me.

The point of my post is not to argue whether or not formal nights are a good thing. The point of the post is making rules and then not enforcing them. I don't like it when the government does it and I don't like it when the cruise lines do it.

On a recent cruise the shore excursion department put notices in the bulletin that the departure lounge was very crowded, and no one would be admitted until the time printed on their ticket. We had a excursion that met at 7:15 so we arrived at the lounge at 7:10 prepared to wait. There was a sign on the door that said, "Lounge opens at 7:15". Yet the door was open and the lounge was filling up fast. When they make rules, make a big point of publicizing them, and then ignore them it annoys me. I will follow rules, or I will play freestyle, but I need to know which!

If you don't like formal nights, then perhaps you would enjoy NCL. We cruised on the QMII and really enjoyed her. Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks. But everybody, no matter what their preference, should follow the rules, and every authority, government or cruise line, should enforce their rules.

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