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Originally Posted by You View Post
For disembarkation from Celebrity Century in San Diego - I just found out that Customs and Immigration is done prior to dismemarkation and no passengers are allowed to leave the ship until every passenger has cleared immigration which they estimate to be 10am

I have a few questions:

Are you allowed to clear immigration and then go for breakfast or are you put in a 'holding' area?

How accurate is that 10am disembarkation estimate?

How early should one start lining up? 6am for 7am arrival?
Actually, one usually clears immigration on the ship, then clears customs after retrieving one's luggage in the cruise terminal.

Also, the stated time of arrival is NOT the time when the ship will moor at the pier. The ship actually will moor in the wee hours and commence unloading luggage so that the luggage will be staged in the cruise terminal for passenger pickup when disembarkation begins. Rather, the stated time of arrival is the time when the ship expects to begin the disembarkation formalities.

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