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Default Magic European / Med sailings

From John Healds FB...

".....ok, one last thing before I sign off and its for future Carnival Magic guests. If we do not go to Dubrovnik on certain voyages it means we do not leave the European Union. This means that all the cruise lines have to charge VAT which for the most part is refundable to non EU citizens..........US, Canada, Australia etc. This is the letter explaining what will happen.

Since your cruise departs from Spain (a member of the European Union) and calls only on countries within the European Union (EU), we are required by law to charge a Value Added Tax (VAT). To make things easier, we’ve highlighted some VAT related information that will apply while you are sailing with us.

A VAT of 18% is added to products purchased onboard (i.e. bottles of alcohol, watches, jewelry, and logo wear, etc.).

Food and drink purchases at bars and restaurants ashore will be subject to an 8% VAT.

Guests who are Non-EU citizens (like U.S. citizens and other countries) can reclaim a portion of the VAT paid on purchases where an 18% VAT has been assessed.

VAT refunds can only be claimed if the items are physically accompanying you upon your exit from the last EU port of call (including airport). All items must be unused and/or unopened.

In order to claim your refund, purchases must total an accumulated amount of €90.16 EUR or approximately $130 USD per licensed vendor onboard. For this purpose, the licensed vendors are: Gift Shops, Spa, and Carnival (Carnival consists of Photo Gallery, Cherry on Top, RedFrog Pub, Cucina Del Capitano and SportSquare merchandise).

Receipts from licensed vendors as mentioned above cannot be combined to attain the €90.16 EUR requirement.

Multiple receipts that amount to €90.16 EUR from one single vendor can be consolidated into a single VAT refund voucher toward the end of the cruise.

VAT receipts and merchandise for which you are claiming a VAT refund must be presented to Customs officials at your departure from the EU (including airport). Reclaims for the qualified portion of the VAT must be made within 90 days of purchase."
end quote.
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