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Hi! I had an interview with Harding Brothers recently and I was successful. I had one interview, maybe because I applied through agency. My questions on the interview were like this:
1.You are curently working in YYYY retail shop, what are your duties?
2.You work there from yyy(month)yyyy(year)?
3.What brands do you have in your store?
4.Why do you love sales?
5.What would you do to make customer comes back to the store?
6.Why do you want to work on a cruise ship?
7.What notice you can give to your curent manager?
8.Is yyyy airport closest to you?
9.Do you have any questions for me?

In my opinion, the most important things on the interview are:
1.Try to smile while you speak, from very start to make an impression, and throughout the whole interview
2.Be positive, don't let any question surprise you.
3.Prepare. Practice usual questions and answers, so when you speak at the interview everything runs smoothly.
4.Pay atention on things that matter to them:a)ADD-ON SALE(make an example)b)GREETING CUSTOMERS when they enter the store, and when they leave the store c)eye-contact and listening to the customer, to gain customer trust d) sales targets as your goals
I mentioned these four things myself, I didn't wait for them to ask me about that. Take a little bit of initiative.
5.Do not go to much in details, for example, explainig how the store looks like,working time, etc. You could easilly get cought up in some tricky questions. Speak about details only if they ask you.
6.Listen carefully what your interviewer is asking. If you didn't understand the question, ask him/her to repeat the question.
7.Don't rush, be calm, relaxed, speak in one pace.
8. And yes, a little bit of luck is necessary, especially in terms of you two hearing and understanding each other.

On preliminary interview they usually check candidate's english, basic CV data, with usual questions like ''why do you want to work on a cruise ship'', ''what are your goals'',...
On main interview come the little diferent questions, and that interview last longer. My interview lasted for 8-10 minutes.
Another thing. ALWAYS TALK,TALK,TALK...Never stop speaking no matter the question asked, except of course, question like ''What is your nearest airport?''. The interviewer may ocasionally say ''OK'' or ''Aha'', but that doesn't mean you should stop speaking. If he/she wants to interrupt you, he/she will do it with a sentence. At least my experience tells me that. Prepare your answers, practice them out loud. You can even repeat some sentences(I did) while you are answering questions(but not too much), but don't give short answers.


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