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Originally Posted by stbarts View Post

This thread is 10 YEARS OLD, I don't think you will get any answer.

He hasn't been online in quite sometime!!!!!!!!!

Read the thread date posting date.
I can't figure it out!! The posting date is right in front of them. And WHY do they dig sooo far into the archives? and when they post multiple times on the same thing hunting for a share, they sound desperate. So, Cruisinbill, you might be a great person, just be more selective with pleas, check dates in the left corner. Then, you can go to their user name, click it ON, all statistics and their posts are there including when that person was last active on this site.
I,m not on a rant, just really trying to help you and others.
That being said, these last 2 posts will bump to the top, and you know what that means!! Someone will answer the ad from 10 years ago without noticing the date in the left corner! Cruisinbill, you are not the only one who does this.
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